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My name is Hatem Hafez. I am an experienced freelance web designer and web developer. I have a bachelor's degree in computer science and two CIW ( Certified Internet Webmaster ) certifications, specifically:

1-CIW Associate Certification:

CIW Associates have mastered the common core of Internet knowledge, and apply these skills to further specialization. Many website designers promote themselves as having this certification.

2-CIW Application Developer:

CIW Application Developers have the following skills:

(a) creating interactive Web pages using client- and server-side Web applications;

(b) accessing relational database systems from Web applications;

(c) implementing applications using component technology; and

(d) creating parameters for environment variables. These are sophisticated procedures and require a much more detailed and intimate knowledge of website design fundamentals than is required for the Associate certification.


* Arabic (Native)

* English (Fluent)

I am currently based in EGYPT and I work as a network administrator for one of the biggest ceramic factories in the Middle East .

I also run my own business, undertaking the design of a range of websites for companies and individuals who are based both in Egypt and abroad. The scope of the duties I undertake for my clients reflects many years of experience in web design, database architecture, and web development.

I value good traditional design principles combined with a high level of creativity. These priorities must also be balanced with a firm understanding of marketing, branding and accessibility the fundamentals of any good business.

I provide some examples of my work in my Web Design Portfolio .

If you wish to discuss a web design project please call ( 0020-10-5135898 ) or contact me


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